About Us

Remember When a Handshake Meant Something?

Remember when a person’s word was better than any contract?  Remember when you could trust people?  That’s why we started Front Porch Realty.  We believe in integrity, honesty, and working hard for our clients.  In today’s world of outlandish marketing claims and high pressure tactics, at Front Porch Realty, we won’t make outlandish claims or engage in marketing gimmicks.  We promise to you that our word matters.  We promise to put our years of real estate to work for you. 



Hard Working

"We promise to put our years of real estate to work for you."

A company You Can Trust

Real estate is a service industry.  It’s a business.  It is about the ability of a Realtor to find your dream home.  The absolute most important investment you will make is buying or selling your home.  Home is much more than a roof over your head and a place to sleep.  Home is where you raise your family.  Home is where you become invested in your local school and find a church. 

Home is not only one of the most expensive purchases you can make, home is where you find happiness.  The absolute best way to ensure success in real estate you are buying or selling, is hiring an agent and a company you can trust. 

Securing Financing

Finding that perfect house you can make your home, finding that perfect piece of land, negotiating the best price based upon your market, investing in tangible property that will create peace of mind for your future…. these things and many more go into each and every real estate transaction. Yes, real estate can be complicated, but a good Real Estate company ensures the process is never complicated for their client.

We Are a Family Owned Business

You will never be just a number or transaction to us. Faith, Family, Integrity. These matter to us. Front Porch Realty, our name says it all. We not only remember when your word mattered, we live it. Let Front Porch realty help you with all of your real estate needs. We will treat you right, because to us, that’s how you treat neighbors.